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…Writers of Intelligent Horror/Thriller Screenplays…


Here is a handy guide to navigate the labyrinthine madness that is our website…


  • "SCRIPTS" will lead you to loglines and brief summaries of our "Completed Screenplays" as well as 'teasers' about the many "Future Projects" bubbling up from our twisted minds…including those already shambling forth in various stages of development.
  • "THOUGHTS" contain a few of the nightmarish revelations we've chosen to share with the darkly curious reader who'd dare read of our disturbed brilliance…(More hideous mutterings and insane insights coming soon)
  • Our "FAQ" will answer those questions which, no doubt, even now haunt the dark hours of your fitful, feverish dreamings: specifically, just what is an "intelligent horror/thriller"…and why are The Brothers Langlais so mind-manglingly good at it?
  • "LINKS" will contain links to stuff…once we get around to it.  (Hey, we're busy writing intelligent horror/thriller screenplays here!)
  • "CONTACT US" if you are already ensnared by our mad mesmerism and must delve further into the delirious abysms of our soul-shocking imaginations…and experience our obsessive insistence that horror should actually not suck.



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