Completed Screenplays


Supernatural Holiday Horror

While debating the reality of the supernatural, college students on winter break dare to re-enact an ancient pagan solstice ritual — and are forced to question their most deeply held beliefs when it seems they've awakened nightmarish, primordial entities hungry for human sacrifice.

Here we examine the nature of belief.  College is inherently a time for young adults to explore and form their own belief systems, to make some personal sense of the universe in which they live.  Contrast this with the Christmas season, a period of primal myths and ancient traditions whose origins are lost to the bulk of their practitioners and predicated on primeval hopes and fears older than civilization itself, yet still deeply resonant with the most primitive and unexamined corners of our souls.

As to the horror elements of the story…think "HELLRAISER for the Holidays"


Romantic Horror

A young couple's relationship is put to the ultimate test when they fall under the witch-curse of a haunted engagement ring that seeks to drive lovers to murder/suicides.

This story is about the power of love to defy death and defeat evil — and because of this, the forces of evil oppose love with an insatiable hatred.  It is also creepy as hell.

We developed this script with the assistance of none other than writer/director Randall Wallace (legendary scribe of BRAVEHEART) and his brilliant son Andrew Wallace of Wheelhouse Entertainment.  Randall is keen to direct.


Paranormal Conspiracy Thriller
{Nicholl Fellowship Top 10%}

When a California mudslide unearths a mass grave of hundreds of headless, spineless corpses, an FBI psychologist becomes obsessed with finding a logical explanation — and is forced to confront her greatest fear that some truths may be beyond understanding.

This is the ultimate conspiracy script; in fact, it's kind of about a "grand unified conspiracy theory."  What do UFOs, Satanic cults, and Gulf War Syndrome have to do with each other?  Read this and find out…

*Fun Fact:  We got the idea for this script after seeing HOUSE OF 1,000 CORPSES…and were disappointed that the title was off by about 987 corpses.  We wanted to see a crime scene with a thousand corpses — with an explanation as astonishing as the crime.


Political/Military Thriller

When an American military hero suspects the President of conspiring with enemies of the United States, he decides the only patriotic solution is to commit treason himself.

This was inspired by Shakespeare's "Coriolanus," and is so disturbing that it almost qualifies as a horror story.  It's kind of like the cave on Dagobah…it makes people confront themselves.


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